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Certified Beach Bum® Clothes and Stuff recognizes and encourages a soulful, stress-free lifestyle. We provide products that allow you to enjoy the beach and take those special memories along where ever life's journey takes you. Our stamp of approval signifies that our line of beach clothes and accessories are original, authentic, stylish, and Beach Bum Certified. The Certified Beach Bum® stamp is a badge of honor reflecting your acceptance of a philosophy that is as tranquil as the sound of the waves lapping on a sandy shore.

Certified Beach Bum® Clothes and Stuff is a different kind of apparel company. We offer a unique assortment of clothing, customization, and service that is unmatched in the resort wear industry.

Retail Advantages of Certified Beach Bum Premium Lifestyle Collections

seashell Upscale product line featuring quality fabrics, updated to match current style trends.
seashell Fabrics and colors inspired by beach, water, sun, and sky.
seashell Custom name dropping options within logo or in second location on garment.
seashell Custom design options available.
seashell Dedicated focus to beach apparel and accessories.
seashell A larger collection of clothing styles available for custom printing.
seashell Over 100 logoed promotional and marketing products available.
seashell Eco-friendly fabric options, including organic, bamboo, & recycled in addition to premium cottons & blends.
seashell Free marketing tools for in-store promotions and to assist retailers in establishing brand awareness.
seashell Marketing events scheduled to promote brand.

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Custom name dropping options available within logo or in second location on garment. As a growing company, Certified Beach Bum® is a focused lifestyle brand of casual apparel for beach and travel around the world. We partner with resorts, boutiques, and upscale retailers to carry a full line of premium apparel customized to your needs and location. No other brand offers this level of customization and personalization with quality fabrics and fashionable clothing styles. Custom design options available. Logoed promotional and marketing products available for custom orders.

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